“The number of cancers diagnosed each year is set to double by the year 2050 if we don’t do anything about it. This is unacceptable! My goal is to reverse this trend and empower you with knowledge of your own personal cancer risk, with risk-adjusted screening recommendations and prevention options, so that you may optimize your own health.”

– Dr. Mel, CPM Founder

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  • In-depth one-on-one consultation to determine your specific risk for the most common cancer types and to receive a personalized cancer screening and prevention prescription for those cancers.
  • Health coaching to support clients in achieving optimal health. The initial focus is to minimizing risk for all metabolic diseases, including hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, as well as cancer. As initial objectives are reached, goals are progressively broadened to strive for longevity and all-inclusive wellbeing.

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Mission statement:

The Cancer Prevention Movement exists to fulfill Dr. Mel’s vision that “Cancer will cease to exist as we know it by the year 2030!”, by empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools to minimize their cancer risk.

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Please note that a portion of all Cancer Prevention Movement proceeds is donated to non-profit organizations that support continued research in cancer risk, prevention, and early detection.

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