Dr. Mel’s 

Cancer Risk and Prevention Guide

A Holistic Approach to Health

We are thrilled to announce this upcoming book, a simple yet comprehensive guide for educating yourself about different factors which can increase the risk of getting cancer. From age to personal and family history, genetics to environmental exposures and lifestyle choices, once you are aware of the risk factors for cancer, you will be able to make appropriate changes to your life, such as what you eat and how often you exercise, how you handle stress, and how often you visit your doctor for check-ups. Real life examples are included throughout, to make the guide practical and applicable to you and your loved ones.

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About the Author

Award winning preventive oncologist Melanie R. Palomares, M.D., M.S., affectionately known as “Dr. Mel” is the creator of Cancer Prevention Movement, Inc., an independent organization which aims to educate the public about cancer risks, screening, and prevention, with a goal to identify individuals at heightened cancer risk, so that they may be empowered to take a proactive stance in reducing that risk.

Dr. Mel’s academic credentials include a Master’s degree in Epidemiology from the University of Washington and a Doctorate in Medicine from Emory University. After graduating from medical school, she obtained board certification in Internal Medicine, Hematology, and Medical Oncology. She also completed postdoctoral fellowships Clinical Cancer Genetics and Cancer Prevention Research at the University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

After serving 10 years on the faculty of the Departments of Medical Oncology and Population Sciences at the City of Hope Cancer Center, during which she co-founded a High Risk Women’s Cancer Clinic and led research program in the early detection and prevention of women’s cancers, she began her new venture as Physician Founder of Cancer Prevention Movement, Inc.

In addition to her professional experience and credentials, Dr. Mel also has a personal story. Benefiting from her own knowledge, she found an pre-melanoma skin cancer so early that was cured with surgery alone. She also has a father who is a colon cancer survivor who has maintained durable remission with daily healthy nutrition and exercise. Both Dr. Mel’s personal and professional experiences have informed her latest book, Dr. Mel’s Cancer Risk and Prevention Guide: A Holistic Approach to Health.

Chapters in the book

Chapter 1: The Cancer Epidemic

The book opens with an explanation of what cancer actually is, the potential of every cell in the body to become a cancer, the steps involved in the process of transformation to cancer, and the body’s protective mechanisms to keep cancers from forming and growing inside it. The chapter continues to talk about the trends in the Western lifestyle that have led to increasing cancer statistics, and it closes with a discussion of the most common cancers occurring in our society today.

Chapter 2: Knowledge is the Key to Staying Healthy

This chapter discusses the concept of disease risk and breaks down cancer risk factors, first into the main categories of demographics, genetics, and environment, and then by cancer type. At the conclusion of reading this chapter, you will have a basic understanding of the wide variety of risk factors known today to influence cancer development and their relative amount of influence. Emphasis is placed on modifiable risk factors, so that you will be empowered to change what you can and take charge of your health.

Chapter 3: Finding a Problem Before It’s a Problem

In this chapter you will learn about the symptoms and signs associated with each of the most common cancers so that you will be equipped to detect a cancer so early that it may not even be a fully formed cancer yet.

Chapter 4: One Size Does NOT Fit All

Here you will learn about the different cancer screening tests available, their benefits, and their limitations. General screening guidelines for average risk individuals are discussed, as well as some example modifications for high-risk individuals.

Chapter 5: Taking Charge of Your Health

In this chapter you will learn about the building blocks of cancer prevention that can be used to keep the temple, which is your body, in optimal health. These options span from healthy lifestyle choices to preventive medicines and surgeries, which may apply for the high-risk individual.

Chapter 6: Strategic Prevention

Building blocks are not as useful without a skillful builder. In this chapter you will learn about how a prevention program for each of the common cancers can be designed around you, your risk, your situation, and your preferences.

Chapter 7: The Prevention Mindset

It is said that all important journeys start first between our ears. Explore the concepts of perception, desire, and motivation to win over your own mind and live proactively and purposefully, no longer limited by excuses or self-sabotage.

Chapter 8: Now What?

Here everything is pulled together for you, from the fundamental concepts discussed in the first two chapters, to the early detection principles covered in the next two, and the cancer prevention tools reviewed the chapters that followed. Your next steps are identified to seek and build your own ideal plan for optimizing health and longevity.

Dr. Mel’s

Cancer Risk and Prevention Guide

A Holistic Approach To Health

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